1. Geko electric ball valve application.
    With a variety of models as well as sizes and materials, valves are used for many typical operating systems such as:

Valves are installed for domestic water supply systems, residential areas, and production areas.
Used and installed for pharmaceutical, food, beverage, beer, wine, etc. production systems.
Fire protection system.
Water supply and drainage system, hydroelectric dam.
Drive system for gas, gas, chemicals, ..v.v..

2. Geko electric control ball valve ON/OFF type.
The valve is operated in 2 pre-programmed positions of the electric control unit. The valve operates in 2 positions fully closed and fully open. Main use for opening and closing flow.

3. Geko electric control ball valve linear type.
The valve is controlled to operate at different angles. Not only operating in many angles, but the valve can also be used as an ON/OFF valve. With the addition of a linear receiver 4 – 20 mA or 0 – 10V to control the opening angle of the valve. And used for flow regulation tasks, suitable for processing and production systems that require flow ratio in %.